Worthy is the Lamb

Understanding the Pruning Process

Cultivating Personal Relationships

My Personal Vulnerabilities

Easter Sunday

The Word and Palm Sunday

Questions at the Chalkboard

Conforming to My Fear or Finding the Truth

Giving God the Glory

Are You Blind

Know the Truth

Earthly Motives Driving Spiritual Decisions

Why I Am Following

Challenging the Norms

Alert for God Conversations

Evidence of Who Jesus Is

Follow the Star

Christmas Elements and Meanings

What Are You Thankful For?

Art of Gratitude

Christianity: Belief, Practice or Season

Conflicts and Constrasts

Change or Die

Silver Bullets No More

How to Respond When Your Other Half Behaves Badly

How Christianity Shapes My Life

The Reputation that Proceeds You

Dealing with Toxins

I Am Precious in God's Sight

Characteristics of a Christian

Redeeming the Time

Committing to Powerful Prayer

Expanding the Scorecard

How to Act When Your Spouse Behaves Badly

When Truth Conflicts with Uncertainty

Traps of Tradition

Issues God Will Reverse and I Must Address

Complete Certainty of God's Promises

Prepared for the End

Psalm 10

God Only Knows

Religious Disillusionment

Divine Intervention

Graduate Sunday - A Name to Remember

Code of Conduct

Mothers Day - A Woman of High Standards

Man of Perdition (Unholy Trinity Pt. 2)

A Glimpse at the Unholy Trinity

Spiritually Fixed in an Emotional World

Not the Center of the Universe

Easter Explained

Revelation 8

Discovering God's Goodness

Playing the End Game

When the Earth Quakes

One Day with the Lord

Speak Life

God, Creator and Redeemer

God the Creator

Golden Candlesticks

The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Experiencing a Personal Reset

His Time or Ours

Christmas Eve Service 2020

Questions for Lawyers, Doctors and me

Do You Understand What I Have Done?

The Difference in Living and Living Well

The Parable of Pounds

A Thankful Spirit

God's Grace Will Not Abandon You (Part 2)

God's Grace Will Not Abandon You

A Good God and Bad World

Truth Moving People from Condemnation to Belief

Outwardly Aware but Internally Unaware

Finding Truth in Unexpected Places

God Intentionally Acts

What's In A Temple?

Temple Building

Convenient Bread Crumbs Over Timeless Principles

What Is My Influence?

Do I Pay Attention? Part 2

Do I Pay Attention? Part 1

Three Flawed Conversations

Who has the Bigger Footprints?

What is Nehushtan? Part 2

What is Nehushtan? Part 1

Maybe You are the Key

What To Do

First Place

God's Grace Speaks Louder Than my Words

What is God Doing Now?

What Lies Beneath

Start to Finish

Can God Guide Me Through My Challenges?